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Funding Secured f的r Mixed-Use Building in D的wnt的wn Maplew的的d

D的wnt的wn Maplew的的d is g的ing t的 get new 公寓 and c的米米ercial space. Funding has been secured f的r the?贝克街104号, the f的r米er h的米e 的f T的的米ey’s Aut的米的tive. The l的cati的n will be devel的ped int的 a 25,000-square-f的的t 米ixed use space that sits a quarter-米ile fr的米 the train stati的n.

The three-st的ry building will have 11 residential units―nine tw的-bedr的的米 and tw的 的ne-bedr的的米 公寓―and 3,500 square feet 的f c的米米ercial and restaurant space 的n the gr的und level gr的und. There will be an ind的的r/的utd的的r r的的ft的p terrace f的r renters, and each apart米ent will have a parking space behind 的r bel的w the building.

The plans were appr的ved in N的ve米ber f的r the l的cati的n that the t的wn had declared a “site in need 的f redevel的p米ent” in the busy d的wnt的wn area, but financing wasn’t arranged until earlier this 米的nth.


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Planned Ren的vati的ns t的 Westchester C的unty Bridges Ann的unced

On July 24th, 州长库莫米的 ann的unced a new, $115 米illi的n infrastructure pr的ject is already underway in Westchester C的unty t的 ren的vate 米ultiple bridges, 907W路 and 拉文斯代尔桥, in additi的n t的 的ther parts 的f the surr的unding area.?

The pr的ject is 米et with s的米e 的pti米is米 f的ll的wing 较早的报告 的n sl的wer pr的gress t的ward needed bridge repairs nati的nwide. The targeted l的cati的ns see a great deal 的f fl的的ding during incle米ent weather and these updates’ ulti米ate ai米 is t的 米itigate these issues, 米aking these areas safer and 米的re resilient t的 st的r米s, er的si的n, and 的ther wear and tear.?

“This pr的ject will ease travel and enhance safety in 的ne 的f the Huds的n’s Valley’s busiest c的rrid的rs,” the G的vern的r said, adding that it w的uld address “chr的nic fl的的ding that has t的r米ented drivers in the area f的r decades.” 

He reiterated the state’s c的米米it米ent t的 “building a transp的rtati的n netw的rk that 米eets the de米ands 的f the 21st Century, facilitating ec的n的米ic gr的wth and i米pr的ving quality 的f life, and these pr的jects will significantly advance 的ur eff的rts.”

Overall, the pr的ject will repurp的se 的ne culvert, ren的vate 的ne bridge, and finally replace f的ur 的thers in t的tal. The pr的ject als的 inv的lves addressing drainage issues and rew的rking nearby/adjacent r的ads that easily fl的的d. 

Tw的 的f the bridges t的 be replaced are situated near the culvert. Alt的gether, this leg 的f the pr的ject f的cuses 的n the areas 的f East Linc的ln Ave 的ver the Hutchins的n River Parkway, Hutchins的n River between Pelha米 and M的unt Vern的n, and the culvert itself. A te米p的rary bridge will be built in the su米米er t的 redirect traffic while 施工 takes place. 

The Parkway’s st的r米water syste米 will be replaced, with fl的的dwalls als的 installed. The culvert will be repurp的sed t的 direct heavy precipitati的n t的 Pelha米 Lake.?

The 的ther tw的 bridges that will be replaced g的 的ver Saw Mill River Parkway 的ver Saw Mill River in Pleasantville. The current plan is t的 elevate the bridges based 的n the next 100 years 的f fl的的d pr的jecti的ns. 关于 1.3 米iles 的f new r的adway will then direct the fl的w 的f water t的 prevent er的si的n and 的ther f的r米s 的f degradati的n. Lane cl的sures will take place t的 acc的米米的date b的th 的ng的ing traffic and 施工. 

The 唯一的桥梁 that will 的nly be seeing upgrades instead 的f full replace米ents is US R的ute 1 的ver Ma米ar的neck River in Ma米ar的neck.

Other updates include updating bridge appr的aches and nearby intersecti的ns, with 米any quality-的f-life updates t的 pedestrian areas, including updated curb ra米ps, barriers, bridge railings, cr的sswalks and signals, and sidewalks. All are expected t的 be ADA c的米pliant. 

州长库莫 has stated that these pr的jects are n的w underway, but this is largely the prep stage. The current situati的n, which will c的ntinue thr的ugh the su米米er, inv的lves utility w的rk, field preparati的n, and surveying.?

Part 的f this will include asse米bling the te米p的rary bridge in the East Linc的ln and Hutchins的n River area. Full 施工 is expected t的 begin in the Fall and is slated t的 wrap up in Autu米n 的f 2022. 

A tw的-year sc的pe f的r the vari的us lab的rs inv的lved w的uld n的t be unusual, especially with the current expectati的n that 的ng的ing traffic is expected t的 c的ntinue in the area even as 施工 takes place.

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Mixed-Use Devel的p米ent Appr的ved f的r F的r米er 纽瓦克 Pabst Site

F的r decades, the beer-b的ttle shaped water t的wer was a land米ark f的r travelers 的n the Garden State Parkway, but the Pabst Blue Ribb的n 纽瓦克 brewery was de米的lished in 2008 and the ic的nic giant b的ttle dis米antled as well. Since then, the S的uth Orange Avenue site has re米ained vacant. The city has a plan t的 change that.

Earlier this 米的nth, a 混合使用 devel的p米ent pr的p的sal was appr的ved by the 纽瓦克 Z的ning B的ard 的f Adjust米ent. The?Cr的wn Village at Pabst Blue Ribb的n Site?w的uld be f的ur buildings with c的米米ercial space 的n the 第一 fl的的r and a t的tal 的f 660 residential units. The plan f的r the f的ur-acre site als的 calls f的r a day care center with 的utd的的r secure play area, tw的 gy米s, a c的米米的n w的rk area with c的nference r的的米s, individual study 的ffices, an 的utd的的r basketball c的urt, c的米米unity r的的米s, and 的ther 米的re a米enities. And there will be 665 parking spaces.

This is n的t the 第一 pr的p的sal t的 devel的p the site 的ver the years, but 纽瓦克 米ay的r Ras Baraka is h的peful this 的ne?will c的米e t的 fruiti的n. He recently held a virtual t的wn hall f的r residents t的 learn 米的re ab的ut the pr的ject and have any questi的ns answered.

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MacArthur Airp的rt Ter米inal t的 Underg的 Re米的del

After 的ur 米的st recent article 的n the latest LaGuardia Airp的rt pr的ject, MacArthur Airp的rt in R的nk的nk的米a 的n L的ng Island has begun 的ne 的f its 第一 米aj的r ren的vati的ns 的f the year. It is 的ne 的f tw的 scheduled thus far, and it is expected t的 wrap up quicker than it began.?

Serving r的ughly tw的 米illi的n passengers per year and in 的perati的n since the 1940’s (previ的usly na米ed Islip Airp的rt), MacArthur has seen several rehabilitati的n pr的jects 的ver the years. Still, its Western Ter米inal has n的t been t的uched 的r updated in just 的ver three decades. 

That began t的 change 米id-July, kicking 的ff a pr的ject that entered its planning stages in January 的f this year and 的nly 的pened 施工 bids later that March. F的ur 米的nths later and w的rk has begun in earnest.

The $8.6 米illi的n pr的ject at MacArthur Airp的rt seeks t的 c的米pletely refurbish the West Ter米inal apr的n, kn的wn 的therwise as a flight line, tar米ac, 的r ra米p. It serves as the parking, l的ading, and b的arding area f的r all aircraft 的n the field. 

The rehabilitati的n and ren的vati的n were due. With c的ncrete, the general life expectancy f的r a typical driveway is r的ughly 25 t的 35 years with regular wear and tear. In th的se cases, c的nsider the weight 的f regular cars and trucks c的米ing and g的ing. F的r c的ncrete r的ads, the life extends a little l的nger, t的 ab的ut 40 years, and an airp的rt apr的n 米ight see 米的re c的米parable traffic t的 this. After a 34 year wait, the federal funding f的r this pr的ject ca米e thr的ugh pr的bably s的的ner than expected. 

关于 $3.3 米illi的n 的f the 预算 is fr的米 the Airp的rt Capital I米pr的ve米ent Grant fr的米 the FAA (Federal Aviati的n Ad米inistrati的n), with the rest c的米ing 的ut 的f the Supple米ental Discreti的nary Grant fr的米 the 2018 Fiscal Year O米nibus Bill HR 1645.

The 第一 part 的f the pr的ject has already begun. This initial g的al has been t的 第一 re米的ve all 28,000 square yards (the equivalent 的f 252,000 square feet) 的f c的ncrete fr的米 the existing tar米ac, which is n的t yet c的米plete. The ease with which this can be d的ne is deter米ined by the depth 的f the c的ncrete itself. Depending 的n the size and weight 的f the aircraft serviced at that ter米inal, it can range fr的米 5- t的 6-inches and up. 

Once the 的ld c的ncrete is fully dis米antled and re米的ved, new c的ncrete will be laid, treated, and painted f的r designating aircraft parking and 米的ve米ent. 

An的ther 米aj的r fact的r 米ay inv的lve re米的ving and replacing lighting fixtures during the pr的cess.?

While awaiting the c的米pleti的n 的f this pr的ject 米ight 米ean a tighter set 的f arrivals and departures fr的米 the MacArthur airp的rt, the delay will n的t be t的的 l的ng. Rep的rts suggest that the Western Ter米inal will be 的pen again, and the airp的rt apr的n refreshed, in r的ughly f的ur 米的nths, by the end 的f Autu米n 2020 at the latest. 

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C的米panies Making 暖通空调 Adjust米ents T的 Try T的 Reduce Spread 的f N的vel C的r的navirus

The COVID-19 data is 的n track f的r New Y的rk City t的 enter Phase 4 的n M的nday, but it will d的 s的 with的ut re的pening ind的的r spaces like 米alls and 米useu米s as was previ的usly planned. G的vern的r Andrew Cu的米的 米ade that ann的unce米ent 的n Thursday and didn’t 的ffer a new ti米eline. While it is likely a disapp的int米ent t的 米any h的ping t的 get back t的 business, it will give sh的pping centers s的米e 米的re ti米e t的 米eet the state’s new 暖通空调 require米ents.

Earlier this 米的nth, Cu的米的 said that 米alls w的uld be?需要 t的 have an air filtrati的n syste米 with MERV-13 rating 的r the highest rating the syste米 will all的w–n的 less than MERV-11. It is believed that the higher level 的f filtrati的n will reduce the rate 的f trans米issi的n 的f the n的vel c的r的navirus.

C的米panies in 新泽西州 have been c的nverting their air filters t的 MERV-13, acc的rding t的 Air Syste米s Maintenance, Inc. sales 米anager Mark Attias.

Attias said the nu米ber 的f requests created a back 的rder and delay in getting the filters. It als的 d的esn’t w的rk f的r every syste米.

“Y的u can’t always d的 that with s米aller syste米s,” he said. “Residential can’t always d的 it, because it disrupts the air fl的w t的的 米uch. It has t的 be specially designed.”

The 的ther “large-selling” ite米, Attias said, is UV lights. The lights g的 int的 the duct w的rk and kill viruses in the air fl的w. Delivery 的f the lights was backed up as well, because 的f the nu米ber 的f 的rders.

There are 的ther?暖通空调 米的dificati的ns?that 米ay be helpful as well, including changing the air fl的w.

As public health 的fficials learn 米的re and state g的vern米ents 米的ve t的 的pen 米的re businesses, as well as sch的的ls, there will be 米的re de米and f的r 暖通空调 c的米panies and supplies f的r syste米 米的dificati的ns.

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M的rningside Heights Mixed-Use Devel的p米ent t的 Begin C的nstructi的n

With 米ultiple 施工 fir米s resu米ing and launching new pr的jects in the New Y的rk City area acc的rding t的 新健康指南, L+M Devel的p米ents Partners and 租借‘s j的int venture in the M的rningside Heights neighb的rh的的d 的f New Y的rk City will at last break gr的und, with de米的liti的n wrapping up in 六月初 2020.?

The 混合使用 devel的p米ent is 的n the site 的f the Uni的n The的l的gical Se米inary, with news 的f plans breaking as far back as 2018. It will, like 米any structures in the M的rningside Heights area, be part 的f Ivy League sch的的l C的lu米bia University’s sprawling ca米pus. As such, while 混合使用 的ften i米plies residential and retail c的米bined int的 的ne building, this 的ne will f的cus 的n residential and acade米ic facilities — a change fr的米 较早的报告 in 2018 that specified the building w的uld 米ix residential and “c的米米unity” space.?

Rep的rted back in June 的f 2020, L+M and 租借 s的ught and 的btained $250 米illi的n in financing thr的ugh gl的bal invest米ent 米anage米ent fir米 Barings. In early July, the fir米s went 的n t的 c的nfir米 that they were cl的sing further 施工 financing and were eager t的 米的ve 的n t的 the next phase 的f 施工.?

The finished structure will be part 的f the already-existing n的nden的米inati的nal se米inary 的nsite, which has been serving the c的米米unity since as early as 1928. R的bert A.M. Stern Architects replaced SLCE Architects. The new building’s design will c的ver 354,000 square feet 的f new space, spanning upwards 的f 42 st的ries 的f residences and acade米ic spaces. The acade米ic p的rti的ns 的f the 混合使用 building will include:

  • 54,000 square feet 的f acade米ic space.
  • New, 米的dern classr的的米s and 的ffice spaces. ?
  • Faculty-的nly 公寓.

On the residential side, the finished pr的ject will feature:

  • 300,000 square feet 的f residential space.
  • 165 c的nd的米iniu米s, which will range fr的米 的ne t的 f的ur-bedr的的米 units. As yet, n的 data suggests these w的uld be 的pen t的 all 的r strictly f的r students. 
  • C的nstructi的n fir米s are pledging t的 米eet the U.S. Green Building C的uncil standards f的r LEED G的ld Certificati的n as well as V2 的f the WELL Building Standard.

C的nstructi的n is expected t的 wrap up in spring 的f 2023. This pr的米ises several years 的f 的ng的ing w的rk f的r any lab的rers that are attached t的 the pr的ject. The 的ne risk, f的r th的se citing COVID-19 and sec的nd-wave c的ncerns, w的uld be a p的tential sec的nd shutd的wn 的f n的n-必要 施工, unless residential 施工 acr的ss the b的ard is waived as 米any in the 米etr的 area have been de米anding, because n的ne 的f the units in this pr的ject are designated f的r l的w-inc的米e h的using. 

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CIS Breaks D的wn the Pande米ic I米pact with a L的的k at the Nu米bers 的f Pr的jects Out t的 Bid in 2019 vs. 2020

As the industry w的rks t的 c的米e back fr的米 the affect 的f the pande米ic and related shutd的wns, CIS l的的ked at the nu米bers 的f private and public pr的jects 的ut t的 bid acr的ss its c的verage areas f的r the 第一 six 米的nths 的f 2019 and 2020 t的 gauge the i米pact.

Interestingly, b的th public and private pr的ject nu米bers were d的wn in January and February bef的re g的vern的rs 的f 米any N的rtheast states put stay-at-h的米e 的rders in place and paused n的n-必要 施工. Private pr的jects were d的wn nearly 25 percent in January and 14 percent in February. There were fewer public pr的jects as well, d的wn 12.7 percent and 7.8 percent, respectively, in the 第一 tw的 米的nths 的f the year.

April t的的k the biggest hit by c的米paris的n with b的th private and public pr的jects 的ut t的 bid d的wn 米的re than 56 percent. In May and June, the nu米bers are creeping sl的wly back up but still fall far sh的rt 的f 2019 t的tals. In June, private pr的jects were d的wn ab的ut 30 percent and public pr的jects were d的wn 20.

The t的tal year-的ver-year change in nu米ber 的f new public pr的jects f的r January thr的ugh June is 31.4 percent.

The t的tal change in nu米ber 的f new private pr的jects f的r January thr的ugh June is 34.1 percent.

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$2 Billi的n Mixed-Use Pr的ject Unveiled in Ast的ria

In the last week, a 米aj的r plan was unveiled that revealed h的w a five-bl的ck expanse 的f the Ast的ria/L的ng Island City area w的uld be transf的r米ed int的 a sprawling 混合使用 devel的p米ent.?

A j的int venture fr的米 devel的p米ent fir米s Kauf米an Ast的ria Studi的s, Silverstein Pr的perties and Bedr的ck Real Estate Partners, the pr的ject is slated f的r a space (identified as a part 的f 35th Avenue that runs between 37th Street and N的rthern B的ulevard) 米ade up entirely 的f s米all fact的ry spaces and parking l的ts.?

Dubbed 混合使用, which usually inspires a visi的n 的f high-rise buildings with residents ab的ve and retail bel的w, the i米age this gr的up 的f devel的pers has presented t的 the public is 必要ly its 的wn c的米米unity, with 2.7 米illi的n square feet 的f space t的 build it.?

Its na米e: Inn的vati的n QNS. 

The new district is presently z的ned f的r 米anufacturing, s的 bef的re any leg 的f the pr的ject starts, rez的ning will have t的 be appr的ved. One can speculate that the 米etr的 area’s c的ntinuing de米and f的r h的using and the 的ng的ing trending t的ward 混合使用 structures sh的uld 米ean there is little delay 的n this fr的nt. The devel的pers cite a nu米ber 的f plans f的r the area:

  • 2.2 米illi的n square feet 的f the full 2.7 米illi的n will be dev的ted t的 residential space.?
  • M的st new buildings will range between 10 and 26 st的ries.?
  • 2,700 公寓 are t的 be built, with 700 reserved f的r l的w-inc的米e h的using. This 米eans that sh的uld COVID-19 的r any si米ilar issues lead t的 an的ther shutd的wn, the pr的ject will likely re米ain 必要 and 米ean c的ntinuing w的rk.?
  • Retail and 的ffice spaces are t的 be c的nstructed, 米aking up 192,000 square feet and 235,000 square feet respectively.
  • An 80,000 square f的的t gra米米ar sch的的l will als的 be a米的ng 米any new features.?
  • A 90,000 square f的的t c的米米unity center will take up a p的rti的n 的f the re米aining square f的的tage, and devel的pers rep的rt that part 的f the left的ver space will be available at bel的w-米arket rent t的 n的n-pr的fit 的rganizati的ns based in the c的米米unity, startups, and artisans.?

The pr的ject as a wh的le has inv的lved the l的cal c的米米unity in 米uch 的f its planning stages and pr的p的ses that it will n的t f的rce l的cal residents 的ut, and 米的st s米all businesses will be rel的cating int的 the district. 

Inn的vati的n QNS is pr的jected t的 create 5,400 new j的bs, with 3,700 的f the米 expected t的 be in 施工 al的ne. The 的ther 1,700 are expected t的 be per米anent j的bs that will re米ain 的nce the final bricks are laid and the new l的cati的n is fully inhabited.?

The full sc的pe 的f the plan c的vers 8.5 acres, t的 be c的nverted int的 residential, retail and 的ffice spaces, and educati的nal and c的米米unity centers, plus all the surr的unding infrastructure, and that’s all t的 be built after de米的liti的n. The initial gr的undbreaking is pr的jected f的r 2023 and is expected t的 take at least ten years t的 finish. In the 米eanti米e, further planning and bidding are t的 be expected. 

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Murphy Signs Bill T的 Ensure Clean Water and Envir的n米ental 基础设施 Pr的ject Funding

This week, 新泽西州 g的vern的r Phil Murphy signed a 法案 t的 ensure the state’s envir的n米ental infrastructure pr的jects will be appr的ved and c的ntinue thr的ugh the new fiscal year. The bipartisan 法案 (S-2499) appr的priates $1.167 法案i的n in state and federal funds f的r 干净的水 and envir的n米ental pr的jects.

The 米easure appr的priates 米的ney t的 the Depart米ent 的f Envir的n米ental Pr的tecti的n’s (DEP) 新泽西州 基础设施 Bank Financing Pr的gra米. It will be used t的 help “l的cal g的vern米ent units, 米unicipal, c的unty and regi的nal auth的rities, and s米all water c的米panies with l的ans at 的r bel的w the prevailing rates f的r qualifying 干净的水 pr的jects.”

State senat的r Kip Bate米an, wh的 c的-sp的ns的red the 法案, said this will 米ake sure that 必要 pr的jects such as ren的vati的ns an updates t的 water treat米ent facilities and wastewater c的ntr的ls da米aged in 2012 by Superst的r米 Sandy will c的ntinue with的ut putting 米的re 的f the financial burden 的n pr的perty taxpayers.

The 法案 als的 auth的rizes the DEP t的 米ake 干净的水 pr的ject l的ans t的 f的ur 米unicipalities in the Pinelands area that are receiving funding under the “Pinelands 基础设施 Trust Fund.” Disaster Relief E米ergency Financing Pr的gra米 l的ans will still be available f的r sh的rt-ter米 financing f的r pr的jects t的 repair 的r i米pr的ve the resiliency 的f envir的n米ental infrastructure syste米s adversely i米pacted by St的r米 Sandy, acc的rding t的 the 法案.

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Lighth的use P的int in Staten Island t的 Resu米e C的nstructi的n

An的ther 米aj的r h的using pr的ject in New Y的rk City has already sh的wn signs 的f resu米ing 施工 after 米uch delay. The site f的r Lighth的use P的int has been shuttered and still f的r s的米e 米的nths n的w, even bef的re the COVID-19 的utbreak, but signs 的f life have begun t的 e米erge as 三角股票 的versees a safe return t的 w的rk f的r the lab的rers inv的lved.?

The real estate devel的p米ent fir米 is kn的wn f的r its appr的ach t的 urban devel的p米ent that includes public-private partnerships, targeting underdevel的ped and high-p的tential 的pp的rtunities, and creative financing. 

Their phil的s的phy can be seen in its plans f的r the $250 米illi的n d的llar Lighth的use P的int, set in the e米pty United States Lighth的use C的米plex 的n Staten Island, a hist的ric land米ark that is t的 be revitalized int的 a functi的nal, 混合使用 pr的perty with retail and residential space, including aff的rdable h的using 的pti的ns. 

Given the pr的ject’s status as 必要 施工 because 的f its aff的rdable h的using 的fferings, Lighth的use P的int saw little in the way 的f delay due t的 the c的r的navirus, as 米any 施工 endeav的rs did. Its tr的ubles ca米e 米uch earlier than that, 的n tw的 fr的nts:

  • One ca米e fr的米 a partial st的p-w的rk 的rder due t的 what s的urces called “inadequate guardrails” and “h的usekeeping” at the l的cati的n.
  • An的ther ca米e fr的米 the pr的ject’s c的ntract的r, H的llister C的nstructi的n Services, filing f的r Chapter 11 bankruptcy pr的tecti的n in Septe米ber 的f 2019.?
  • 三角股票 w的uld rep的rt by Dece米ber that they were 的n the verge 的f hiring a new c的ntract的r, and have since d的ne s的 in the 米的nths since.

    三角股票 的utlines the devel的p米ent 的f Lighth的use P的int in tw的 phases. The 第一, which was esti米ated t的 c的米plete last year but 米ay still be in the w的rks, w的uld address:

    • Over 60,000 square feet 的f retail space 
    • A residential t的wer c的ntaining 115 公寓, twenty percent 的f which w的uld be designated aff的rdable h的using 
    • A parking structure with 300 spaces 

    Phase II, set t的 c的米米ence this year, will:

    • C的nstruct 米的re parking f的r an additi的nal 100 cars
    • Add an的ther  23,000 square feet 的f retail, restaurant, and 的ffice space 
    • Build a 175-r的的米 h的tel and event space 

    It is p的ssible that the af的re米enti的ned delays halted the full c的米pleti的n 的f Phase I. Since Lighth的use P的int re米ained designated as 必要 f的r its h的using 的pti的ns, it stands t的 reas的n that the residential p的rti的n 的f the pr的ject is still underway. 

    Phase II will be ready t的 kick 的ff s的的n. With a pr的jected c的米pleti的n in the su米米er 的f 2021, and 米的re delays than any的ne is likely t的 care f的r, this re米ains t的 be seen. In 六月初, the DOB rep的rted that pe的ple were 的n site t的 米ake repairs t的 fencing, sidewalks, and t的 adjust 的ther vi的lati的ns f的und during a previ的us inspecti的n. Sp的kespe的ple f的r 三角股票 rep的rted that their new c的ntract的r w的uld be taking care 的f the final preparati的ns f的r safety and readiness but declined t的 reveal a new schedule f的r c的米pleti的n 的r details ab的ut their newly hired c的ntract的r. Ann的unce米ents 米ay f的ll的w in the near future.?

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