The world needs effective farming solutions to feed a growing population. 亚当 is a leading crop protection company that tackles these global agricultural challenges with our off-patent products. Yet, we believe that we cannot solve these challenges alone. We engage in a comprehensive dialogue with our stakeholders to listen to their input, learn from their experience, and deliver products and services that cater to their needs. Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are attuned to our stakeholders.

亚当 aspires to be a socially responsible and trusted company that is driven by the highest ethical standards and legal compliance throughout our business practices. We regard our code of conduct as a critical aspect of sustainable growth and value creation.

To uphold these values we host regular trainings on ethical behavior, privacy, and corruption.

亚当 seeks to create the highest quality and effective, off-patent herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. We believe that this can be achieved only through product stewardship and a farmer centric approach. This approach guides our R&D team to innovate and enhance the efficiency of our products to reduce excessive application and minimize potential impacts on health, safety, and the environment.
亚当 further collaborates with dozens of AgTech startups and leading universities to incorporate modern technologies and cutting edge scientific knowledge to our offering.

亚当 is a fair and equal opportunity employer with more than 7,700 people in over 45 countries. We are committed to our people’s rights, their health and safety, as well as their growth. The company’s corporate and executive culture is invested in providing each employee with the skills necessary to succeed in their present role and further develop their career.
亚当 sees our people as partners on a long journey, so we encourage internal employee mobility and hold regular training programs.

亚当 endeavors to reduce our environmental impact and go beyond compliance, both in our current activities and when planning future operations. We take a lifecycle approach to measuring and mitigating our environmental risks and strive to end unsustainable practices across our facilities – including a full overhaul of our Chinese production plants. 亚当 has set clear goals toward 2024: to further improve our energy and water consumption, mitigate and prevent our impacts on air quality, and reduce hazardous waste and effluents that may ensue as a result of the company’s operations.

亚当’s social commitment is inseparable from the company’s business operations. To train the future generation of chemists, we share our expertise in hopes of sparking interest in chemistry, agriculture studies and environmental sustainability. 亚当’s social investment policy is led by our dialogue with local partners and neighboring communities so that we can hear their needs and deliver effective programs.